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PECO XC League (2017-18) Race 2: Date 10 December - Hosted by Abbey Runners & assisted b
y Horsforth Fellandale

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Runners please note: All senior club runners MUST have their race number in their possession BEFORE registration.
Numbers should be collected from your club rep.

PECO Cross Country League (2017-18): Race 2 (Golden Acre Park)

Race Date: Sunday 10th December 2017

Race Times & Distances: Note the revised start times for both the Senior and Junior races
Junior 1 Mile Race (School Year 2 - 6): 9.45am, 1.1 miles approx.
Junior XC Challenge (School Year 7 - 12): 10.00am, 1.9 miles approx.
Senior Ladies (16 and over*): 10.30am, 4.7 miles approx. Entry Fee - £2.00 (no food)
Senior Men (16 and over*): 11.30am, 4.7 miles approx. Entry Fee - £2.00 (no food) - Please bring the exact change if possible.

* Age groups for all 5 races in the season are based on age on 26/11/17

As this is a 2 lap course, the ‘staggered’ men’s and ladies start option won’t work. Furthermore, the course won’t cope with 700+ runners at the same time. Therefore the men and ladies races will be separate: please let the ladies register first, as they need to be ready to race at 10.30am.

Race Location: The race will take place entirely within the grounds of Golden Acre Park (located near Bramhope alongside the A660 Leeds to Otley Road).

Registration: The race HQ will be beside the Arthington Road Car Park. Registration will be open from 8.15am – 9.30am for juniors, 9.00 – 10.20am for Senior Ladies and 10.00 – 11.20 for Senior Men. See map:

Car Parking:            This is going to be a HUGE issue, so please consider the following advice carefully and act accordingly!

  1. Unless you arrive VERY early, it is likely that the Arthington Road car park will be full. If you park on Arthington Road itself (which is NOT recommended), please do so with care and consideration: only park on the northbound side (i.e. the same side as the car park) and with your vehicle facing north (i.e. facing the correct way for driving on that side of the road). It is highly likely that the police will cruise by looking for dangerously and / or illegally parked vehicles. You have been warned!
  2. We have been asked not to use the main car park on the A660, as if we fill this car park up too, other park users will have nowhere to park (and this will generate lots of complaints, which we could do without!). Parking along the A660 is also NOT recommended.
  3. There is lots of on-street parking available on the streets behind the Lawnswood Arms (e.g. the Gainsboroughs and Kingsleys). If you park here, please do so legally and with consideration for local residents. You will have a walk of around 1.5 miles to Registration from here: head North along the A660, then take the public footpath alongside the Mercure Parkway hotel and into the park: http://www.streetmap.co.uk/map.srf?x=426821&y=440287&z=110&sv=Kingsley+Road&st=6&tl=Map+of+Kingsley+Road,+Leeds,+LS16&searchp=ids.srf&mapp=map.srf
  4. There is also plenty of on-street parking on the streets in Bramhope immediately to the North of the roundabout beside West Park Rugby Club. Again, please park considerately. You will also have a walk of around 1.5 miles to Registration: head South along the A660 and enter the park via the tunnel leading from the main car park:


  1. Please car share whenever possible, or consider cycling or running to the park if you live locally. If you want to drop people off, please do so at the main car park, not on Arthington Road.
  2. The X84 bus runs from Leeds City Centre, via Headingley, to Golden Acre Park. There is a half hourly service in both directions on Sundays.

First Group X84 - Weekend Group Travel - 5 for £5

Group travel for two or more - up to a maximum any 5 people.
FirstDay Family 5 Weekend ticket available any time on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays

Click here for details...

The Courses: See course maps below.
All the courses are suitable for studs or trail shoes, but spikes are not recommended as there are some rocky sections. The terrain is undulating, and there are several short ascents and descents. There are some tight turns, some narrow sections and the main hazard underfoot is tree roots.

The Junior 1 Mile course will consist of 1 lap of the route shown in blue. The Junior 2 Mile course will consist of 1 lap of the route shown in green.

The Senior course will consist of 2 laps round the fields and through the wooded areas and heathland (shown in red on the map below). Please note that space is tight at Golden Acre: it will not be possible to have 40m wide start line (as was the case at Nostell Priory: all runners must start between the stake lines designating the start line. Please assist us by lining up in a position appropriate to your racing speed (i.e. faster runners at the front!)

Toilets: The location of the park toilets is indicated on the Senior course map. Please use them rather than the bushes. They are beside the park café; please consider buying drinks and snacks from here, as your custom would be much appreciated.

After The Race: We have been unable to find a suitable location for the provision of post-race food, so the Senior race entry fee will be £2 instead of the usual £3 and no food will be provided. For those who like to meet up for a drink after racing, we suggest The Lawnswood Arms, located on the A660 about 1 mile back towards Leeds.

Any Questions: If you need any further information, e-mail m.s.hetherington@leeds.ac.uk

Abbey Runners (29th November 2016)

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